About Us

The benefits and uses of essential oils are endless and I cant wait to begin sharing my products with the world.

Following a love of essential oils and a back to nature journey, I conjured up the courage to set out building my own essential oils business. I wanted to be able to provide high-quality products to support the health and well-being of everyone. A key concept I wanted to instil was to have an ethical approach to sourcing my ingredients to ensure I cater for all.

My love for essential oils began when I wanted a natural alternative to remedies, to support my emotions and to help my sons. I quickly became used to which oils worked well together and the effect they created on my body. I will never forget a ‘blissful dreams’ blend I created for my then 3-year-old son – it was the first night in a long while that he slept through! It amazed me. I continued to use it to support his sleep and he now chooses his own ‘sleep’ blends and enjoys this as part of his bedtime routine. This blend will become part of a children’s range I am currently developing – so watch this space!

Thank you for reading my story.